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The Artist

Born in Abrantes Portugal and living in Brazil for 45 years, the sculptor Santos Lopes, more recently, since 2000, also lives and works in Portugal, where he has developed some works of Public Art and has exhibited pieces from the various stages of his career. Sculptures that have been successful in several countries around the world, such as those in the “Fragmentos Poéticos-Fernando Pessoa” series, inspired by the poems of the brilliant Portuguese poet and his heteronyms and also the works of the Isadora Duncan phase, tribute by the artist to the revolutionary north dancer American, after his nearly three-year stint in which he studied and lived in New York.


Santos Lopes has a real fascination with the human figure; their gestures, movements and attitudes. Even in his first works, when he was only 15 years old, his talent to explore this theme in its most universal sense is already identified.


As in a portrait of his memory and countless experiences, he merges Europe, Africa and North and South America, giving them faces, colors, shapes and content, thus building a playful universe without borders, capable of telling the story. sculptor's own history.


In one of his recent exhibitions, “Bronze Sculptures and Rereadings on canvas”, held in Lisbon, at the National Society of Fine Arts, Santos Lopes “opened” his figurative universe, reproducing some of his sculptures, in drawings on canvas, contours and colors.


With visible maturity, the sculptor seems to arrest us for his sensorial reports, with each new phase.

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